• Black Margarita Mocktail

    Black Margarita Mocktail

    Ingredients:Goju CharcoalLime Juice Sparkling Orange Water Run a lime round the rim of your glass and roll the glass in salt. Into the glass, pour half a shot of Goju...

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  • Caring for your winter skin

    Caring for your winter skin

    Even though our skin tends to be covered with layers during winter, don’t let the warm coats and long sleeves lead you to believe that your skin isn’t prone to...

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  • Detox Lemonade | recipe

    Detox Lemonade | recipe

    Detox Lemonade The perfect morning-after beverage to take away last nights sins. Mix together ingredients and get revived.   Ingredients 1 Goju charcoal shot A dollop of honey or sweetener...

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  • Detox smoothie bowl | recipe

    Detox smoothie bowl | recipe

    Detox Smoothie Bowl Start your morning strong with this delicious dark bowl of pure health.   Ingredients 1 Goju charcoal shot 1 frozen banana 1/4 cup frozen blueberries 1/4 cup...

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  • Fancy fireball | recipe

    Fancy fireball | recipe

    Fancy Fireball At Goju, we believe life is all about balance. We love to unwind in the weekends with the help of this tasty little mixer, throw the ingredients in...

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  • Get to know: Turmeric

    Get to know: Turmeric

    A member of the Zingiberaceae (ginger) family, turmeric is a tropical plant native to India and Southeastern Asia. Widely used as a culinary spice, fabric dye and in traditional medicine,...

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  • Ginger - The medicinal root

    Ginger - The medicinal root

    The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the importance of personal health (yawn, we know but stay with us). Things like washing hands more regularly, coughing into your elbow, masking-wearing and of...

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  • Ginger spritz | recipe

    Ginger spritz | recipe

    Ginger Spritz   Sweet and spicy this sassy number is not to be missed. Simply add one GOJU ginger shot to a glass of ice, with plenty of frozen (or...

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  • Goju goes glass

    Goju goes glass

    Goju is thrilled to annouce that it has launched its full range of bespoke glass packaging complete with sustainable rock-paper labels that do not need to be removed before recycling. The...

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  • Mental Health & the Impact of Nutrition

    Mental Health & the Impact of Nutrition

    Mental illness is impacting a large number of our youth and adults, with 1 in 5 adults aged 15 years and over being diagnosed with a mood and/or anxiety disorder...

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  • The Goju Guide to Stress Management

    The Goju Guide to Stress Management

    Stress, the ever-present reaction to pressure that we unfortunately cannot completely eliminate from our lives, impacts us mentally and physically and in more ways than we can imagine, short-term and...

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  • Turmeric spritz | recipe

    Turmeric spritz | recipe

    Turmeric Spritz The perfect refresher your body will thank you for. This goes down well any time of the day but it definitely has the air of a summer refresher that...

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