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Don’t be fooled by the fits-in-your-pocket size of our wellness shots, they pack a serious health punch. Our bespoke glass bottles contain only nature’s most nutritious and effective ingredients, nothing else. Goju uses ingredients from Fiji and New Zealand (most of which is organic!) and we never use concentrates, additives or preservatives so you can sip in peace.

Functional Juices.

Goju's functional juices combine a delicous drinking experience with result-driven ingredients. Plus, they're potent enough to consume over 1-2 days.


You know what they say about bigger bottles? More juice. Goju’s multi-dose bottles contain 8+ wellness shots in every bottle. They’re great for sharing and making super-healthy beverage creations. If you love how Goju makes you feel and want a shot or more a day, our multi-dose bottles are for you! Same ingredients, same potently healthy goodness, just in a big, beautiful bottle.


Hit health from all angles with our combo packs. You can Pick’n’Mix and create your own pack or choose from one of our pre-curated options. Combo packs are reat for when your just starting your Goju journey and want to try all the colours of the rainbow, or you know what you like and what you like is all of them!


It’s not just a brand, Brain, it’s a lifestyle! Goju aims to create functional accessories to pair with our products to improve your sipping, or shotting, experience. Goju threads are on the horizon so you can rep your favourite wellness brand anytime, anywhere. Watch this space grow!