Ginger - The medicinal root

By: Belle Hartles |

The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the importance of personal health (yawn, we know but stay with us).

Things like washing hands more regularly, coughing into your elbow, masking-wearing and of course social distancing.

At Goju, we totally believe in these things (our hands are screaming for a moisturiser the increased amount of handwashing). But we’re also big on personal health in the form of nutrition, pandemic or no pandemic. 

One of the hardest things during the pandemic, when we’re staying at home more than we ever have, is keeping fit and not diving into unhealthy eating habits. 

We don’t know about you, but our dessert intake has definitely increased!

That’s why, where we can, we like to incorporate easy ways to make sure we don’t roll out of this latest lockdown feeling like a sack of potatoes.

We know, that when our nutritional content decreases, our immune system weakens (can I get an amen?).

One of the ways we like to stay on top of our health and boost our immunity is… you guessed it, ginger! 

Why we love this spicy root

Ginger has a very long history of use in various forms of traditional and alternative medicine. It’s been used to aid digestion, reduce nausea, help fight the flu and common cold and contribute to weight loss to name a few benefits.

The unique fragrance and flavour of ginger come from its natural oils, the most important of which is gingerol.

Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger. It’s responsible for much of ginger’s medicinal properties.

Gingerol has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects according to research. For instance, it may help reduce oxidative stress, which is the result of having an excess amount of free radicals in the body.

Ginger also decreases inflammation, stimulates digestion, and  can even help to suppress your appetite. These properties lead some people to believe that ginger may promote weight loss.

Of course, ginger can't help you acheivve a health weight on its own, but it can be a helpful side-kick to the real heroes - healthy diet and excerise. 

Wanting to incorporate ginger shots into our diet was what started Goju. That’s why we make our ginger shots as they are - strong and effective.

Goju ginger shots

Our ginger shots pack a powerful punch of flavour and potency. We suggest taking them before or after food to help with digestion and to stave off the afternoon slump after lunch. 

Our shots contain 50% pressed ginger root making it one of the strongest ginger shot in the world. Something we’re pretty proud of!

Ginger is one of the most effective natural ingredients to include in your diet, and you can quickly feel the positive effects of taking it daily. 

Disclaimer: Taking our ginger shots will not prevent infection from Covid-19. To protect yourself from Covid-19, please follow the government guidelines found here.