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Health in a bottle

About the shots

Designed with you in mind.

Our shots are made in New Zealand by two kiwi siblings, designed for busy people on the go. We're passionate about making our products as functional and as accessible as possible, we know Kiwi's expect nothing but the best, so that's what we will strive to be.

Our Story

"I take a turmeric shot a day and it has 100% replaced my supplement powder."

June C

"The ginger shot damn near knocked me out! This stuff is potent and addictive."

Alistar R

"The turmeric 'Glow' shot tastes like health in a bottle. I love how it makes me feel."

Pheobe T

"If I do nothing particularly healthy that day, at least I know I've had my ginger shot. Done and done!"

Sarah J

"I was fairly skeptical, but willing to try anything and the Detox shot actually works. Even after a hens do!"

Charlotte H