Hello from the founders!

By: Belle Hartles |


Dear reader,

We're Tom and Belle Hartles, the sibling force behind your favourite wellness drinks. With plenty of new people enjoying Goju this year, we wanted to take this opportunity to re-introduce ourselves!

When we started Goju, we set out on a mission to not just enter New Zealand's wellness market but to redefine it.

Our vision was clear: create naturally functional drinks that lead in quality and effectiveness, setting a new benchmark for what healthy beverages can be. Let's just say, we were tired of the wellness wool being pulled over Kiwis’ eyes.

Goju began its journey from farmer's markets to supermarket shelves seven years ago 🤯; born from a desire to offer more than just a tasty brew, every product we craft, from our pioneering wellness shots to our functional juices, showcases our commitment to potently healthy, locally sourced ingredients.

At the core of Goju is our dedication to living better. Our goal is to inspire Kiwis to live their best lives and provide products that support that journey. Each Goju drink is a testament to this ethos, boasting unmatched concentrations of the finest organic ingredients, surpassing anything else you'll find on the shelf.

We're incredibly grateful for our awesome go-getting community. Your support fuels our ongoing quest for innovation and excellence in wellness. We love what we do, and we hope to continue to explore, create, and share the best of health and wellness with you.

Healthy regards,

Tom and Belle Hartles
Co-founders, Goju