Goju goes glass

By: Belle Hartles |

Goju is thrilled to annouce that it has launched its full range of bespoke glass packaging complete with sustainable rock-paper labels that do not need to be removed before recycling.

The decision to move to glass was an easy one. Glass is a more sustainable material with endless recycling ability helping to close the consumption loop. It is also made from abundant natural materials, including sand and waste glass, making it less harmful to the environment. 

You’ll also notice that our colour palette has been dialled up a notch (we’ve been teasing it out on Instagram for a little while now). We decided to go all-in with our bright and bold branding and just like the 'U' in our logo, we hope our happy colours make you smile.

Goju's mission has grown as well. We want to invigorate the world by expanding and developing our product range as well as by sharing information on health and wellbeing with a focus on the impact nutrition has on mental health.

Running a small business is equal parts challenging and rewarding and Goju is still at the beginning of its yellow-brick road. In fact, we’ve probably only reached the scarecrow! 

There are many exciting things ahead so stay tuned for what’s to come. In the meantime, thank you so much for your support.

Tom and Belle Hartles
Co-Founders / Siblings