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CHARCOAL | Detox shot

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Charcoal 60ml shot | Detox
Charcoal, but not as you know it. Our Detox shot uses activated charcoal derived from coconuts to create an extremely effective, detoxifying micro powder. Its best use? It helps to alleviate hangover symptoms.


  • Reduces hangover symptoms from alcohol
  • Detoxifies system
  • Supports liver health
  • Helps to clear skin
  • Reduces bloating and gas

Who's it for:

  • Those wanting to have more than one drink
  • Those wanting to improve the clarity of their skin
  • Those wanting to detoxify their system

How to take:
Take after drinking to help with a hangover
Click here for Charcoal recipes.

Activated coconut charcoal (1g), coconut water, lemon

Do not take with medication, including birth control. Wait at least 2 hours between taking medication and activated charcoal. Charcoal is an effective absorbent and can decrease the efficacy of your medication. 

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