Goju & the Environment

Hey there, glad you're here.

We know that the fragility of our environment is on everyone's mind. We know it's on ours. 

Businesses, no matter how big or small, all have a role to play in helping to restore the carbon balance in the world and to put an end to climate change. This can only happen if we all work together. 

Our bottles have have zero virgin plastic in them, they are made completely from recycled plastic that has already been used, then crushed up and moulded into our little bottles. Once used our bottles can be recycled over and over again and probably end up back in our bottles, so long as you recycle them.

We ask our customers that they are vigilant in recycling our bottles to make sure that the end up where they should, back with us.

Currently, we are striving towards changing our bottles over to glass as we grow. We will always look for the most sustainable methods of producing such as composting our waste, and looking for new innovative ways to package our products. 

If you think you have abetter answer than glass, we want to hear from you, get in touch via the Contact Us' section below.