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Ginger | Fireball shot

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Ginger | Fireball shot
Go from meh, to hell yeah with our Ginger shot, straight from the fiery pits of an active volcano. Bursting with flavour, Goju’s Fireball shot will make you feel unstoppable like you’re preparing to run a marathon or smash 10 hot dogs.


  • Supports a strong immune system
  • Improves digestion
  • Antibacterial, improves mouth health
  • Calms nausea

Who's it for:

  • People who want to keep their immunity strong.
  • Those wanting to add an extra pep into their step.
  • Great for anyone experiencing frequent bouts of nausea.

How to:
We like it first thing in the morning or after food. Anytime is Ginger time, really. Pair with hot water for a cosier dose of health.

Ginger (50%), apple, lemon

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