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CHARCOAL | Detox shot

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Detox | Charcoal Shot

The ultimate pick-me-up or the answer to a much-needed detox

Charcoal can aid in reducing hangover effects from drinking by absorbing toxins in the system, promote clear skin, and reduce bloating. It is often used in hospitals to aid people suffering from high levels of toxicity.

HOW TO: Take 2-3 times per week, at night is best. Do not take with other medication as there is potential it will absorb it. Great after alcohol.

INGREDIENTS: Activated coconut charcoal (1g), coconut water, lemon.

Do not take with medication, including birth control. Wait at least 2 hours between taking medication and activated charcoal. Charcoal is an effective absorbent and can decrease the efficacy of your medication. 

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